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      Custom-Fitted Oral Immobilization

      and Tongue Displacement Stent




The GrayDuckTM Stent is a new tongue-displacing device, providing oral mucosal sparing and jaw immobilization during head and neck radiotherapy. Requiring less than 10 minutes to custom-fit a patient, the patented GrayDuckTM Stent immobilizes the jaw in the same position for each radiotherapy treatment.  GrayDuckTM deviates the tongue in a number of directions; laterally (left or right) or depressing (downward).



Features                                          Benefits

Custom tongue displacement in 3 directions                Moves healthy oral tissues out of the path of the radiation beam  
                                                                                       Helps mucosal sparing
                                                                                       Helps reduce backscatter
                                                                                       Helps protect dental work

EVA material for teeth impression                                  Stabilizes mobile tissues & jaw to allow more precise field control for each treatment 

                                                                                       Provides enhanced comfort 


Custom-fit design                                                           Significantly reduces time to form custom-molded devices
                                                                                       RadOnc clinic to fit patient quickly

Polycarbonate and EVA materials                                 Commonly used materials for oral devices.  Easy to clean and store

Product Details

US Patent 9,504,537 

Product Item No. 02052000


Minimum Order.  1 Case (4 stent kits per case)

1 stent kit includes the following components:
-    1 Qty stent including boil-'n-bite material and attached set screw
-    3 Qty paddles (left, right, down)
-    2 Qty struts










Instructions for Use

GrayDuckTM is custom-formed to each patient by undertaking these simple procedures:

       1.    The stent is placed in hot water for two minutes before placing in the patient’s mouth to custom form teeth to the softer teeth-                         contact material  

       2.    The stent paddle type is selected for tongue deviation.  It is inserted into the stent body and snapped into the universal                                 joint/gimbal. Adjustments are made as necessary to ensure proper paddle placement and patient tolerance

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